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Lauren Pearson

Lauren is the owner and founder of the Wealth Edit. Lauren runs a boutique full services financial firm, Somerset Advisory. Lauren is a HEIDI, has a wonderful husband, three great girls, is a Georgia fan, and is obsessed with philanthropy and yoga. Lauren is a member of The Wing.

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Emily Lassiter

Emily is a founder of the Wealth Edit. Emily is a mother of two amazing girls and was widowed at a young age. She is a PRIM, an attorney, and her wisdom is beyond her age. She’s centered and authentic and we love her at TWE.

The Wealth Edit

Over the past thirteen years we have conducted conversations with hundreds of women, from all different backgrounds, to ask WHY they don’t talk about wealth. 

We know the reasons, right? It’s considered tacky, our mamas taught us not to talk about it, we don’t feel like we know enough, and we think we spend too much money. 

The financial industry has failed women by lumping half the population into one bucket, as in, all women’s needs are the same. But in fact, we are all incredibly different, with different needs at different times.

We are here to address remedy this failure, and give women a community to learn and ask questions in a private environment.

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