Carrie Teardo is #goodwithmoney

Jun 14, 2021

The Wealth Edit has kicked off its Good with Money Challenge, where, from June 1 to August 15, participants will aim to save $5,000 – and learn useful savings tips in the process. Throughout these 75 days, we’re featuring women who are #goodwithmoney – hopefully they’ll inspire you through their tips and tricks to realize that you are also good with money and, like the rest of us, getting better every day.



I think being good with money is all about priorities. Focusing more attention on your money can only benefit you in the long term. This summer I’ve loved tending a vegetable garden – my first real vegetable garden. I find myself wandering around it four or five times a day. I drink my morning coffee in the garden now, looking for the next baby zucchini or tomato or cucumber to show up. I’m aware of any weeds that show their face, and I pick off any pests that might try to make a home where they don’t belong. Your finances are similar. It’s not back breaking or confusing or frustrating work (usually!). It’s just consistent gardening. I find joy and satisfaction with a well thought out budget. I check in at least once a day to make sure I’m on track with my goals, and I revel in seeing my goals come to fruition, just like I would watching food grow just outside my backyard.

I know I’m good with money, and I’m confident in where I’m headed financially. That’s not because I have lots of it, or that I’ve invested in the newest upward market scheme, or that I somehow landed an incredible windfall. I’m not anxious about having enough of it or worrying about wasting it. I’m good with money because I focus on it – because I’m familiar with it just like I’m familiar with the garden in my backyard. I hope that the women of The Wealth Edit can all have that peace and satisfaction in their own lives by simply shifting their focus on their finances little bit by little bit.

Carrie Teardo

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