Course Spotlight: First Generation Wealth

Mar 27, 2022

In addition to our courses like All the Single Ladies, Financial Minimalism, and Comeback Theory, we’re thrilled to bring into the mix First Generation Wealth, taught by the fabulous Javacia Harris Bowser. (You can learn all about her here.)


Here’s what to expect from the course, which kicks off next week:


The course will focus on how to use journaling to overcome limiting beliefs about money and to accomplish financial goals.



Session 1: What’s your money story?

We will discuss the different ways journaling can help with money management. Then we will work on some journaling prompts meant to help attendees uncover their money story and any limiting beliefs they have about money.



Session 2: Rewriting Your Money Story. 

We will use a series of journal prompts to identify our money values and financial goals. During this session, we will do some scripting – a type of journaling in which you write about the future that you want as if it already exists.



Session 3: Money Affirmations. 

After a brief discussion of the science behind affirmations, we will work on writing affirmations meant to help us as we go after our financial goals.



Session 4: Money Moves.

We will discuss the practical ways journaling can help us accomplish our financial goals and how to create a journaling habit moving forward.



You won’t want to miss it. Click here to register.



P.S.: No Wealth Edit Wednesday this week—happy spring break!

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