Emily Morrison is #goodwithmoney

Aug 16, 2021

The Wealth Edit has kicked off its Good with Money Challenge, where, from June 1 to August 15, participants will aim to save $5,000 – and learn useful savings tips in the process. Throughout these 75 days, we’re featuring women who are #goodwithmoney – hopefully they’ll inspire you through their tips and tricks to realize that you are also good with money and, like the rest of us, getting better every day.

I own Elysian, a retail store in New Orleans that sells curated items from around the globe, and I am a mom of nine-year-old triplets.

A couple of hacks in my everyday life: We always buy iced coffee from the grocery store’s coffee store and never spend the money to buy at a coffee shop.

We make the kids lunch at home every day instead of paying for their meal plan at school. The meal plan is $8 per meal, per kid; we make their lunches at home for under $2 per kid, per day.

We travel a lot, and I always make the kids pack all of their snacks and pack food for the plane so we don’t spend money at the airport.

We always put the maximum in our 529 savings plans every year so their college fund money is growing. Also, I like to put aside a certain amount of money every month from a paycheck into a mutual fund so there is automatic savings there on a monthly basis.

Emily Morrison

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