Explore our Glidepaths

A glidepath is a course you may follow throughout your life. While everyone is different (not all glidepath descriptors fit perfectly), there are women on a similar path, and this is where we create community.


  (Entrepreneur, Motivator, Mentor, Achiever)

Emma is a self-starter who often has started her own business. Emma is so sharp and everyone loves to be in the room with Emma. Her vision and drive are contagious and inspiring. Emma’s are generous with their time, and they feel the burden of responsibility of greater purpose.

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(Pivoting, Resilient, Investigating, Motivating)

Prim has many layers, and we love that about her. She’s been though it all and has come out stronger and more beautiful. People respect our Prims from nearly the moment they meet her and when prim talks, people listen. We love her spirit and her quiet drive. 

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(Highly Educated, Involved, Dual Income)

Heidi is a go-getter and loves her work inside and outside the home. The juggle is real for our Heidis and they need strong support from those around her.  Heidis commonly have strong partners and have created great support systems. Our Heidis love a plan and she is comfortable investing in herself, whether that be a quick spa afternoon with friends, getaway with the husband, or investing in her home.

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(Secure, Adventurous, Resourceful, Athletic)

Sara is SO. Fun. Life of the party, always willing to try new things, and will pull you out of your shell on a Friday night. Sara runs on holidays and in the workplace she is your ringer. She’s often not alone, finding companionship an easy proposition. 

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(Philanthropist, Optimistic, Loyal, Leader, Yogi )

Polly loves to volunteer and give back to her community. Polly invests her time, talents, and treasures. Self-care and simplicity are priorities for Polly. Other women look to Polly for many reasons but namely for her vision and leadership as it relates to her mission. 

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(Generous, Encouraging, Mindful, Supportive)

Gems loves to create a beautiful home environment for her family and friends. She keeps time in her day to make sure things are done well and very thoughtfully. GEMs are good to those around them, subtly adding value in so many areas of their lives. They don’t want any spotlight, but have tons of good ideas.

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