Meet This Week’s #WealthEditWednesday Speaker — Devika Chand Dandona!

Mar 13, 2022

We are thrilled to introduce you to this week’s #WealthEditWednesday speaker—Devika Chand Dandona! Want to hang out with us and learn from this fabulous woman? Click here to register!


Here’s a little more about Devika:


Devika Chand Dandona is an investor, thought leader, and founder of The Devi Collective, LLC, an editorial style blog that focuses on the entrepreneurial journey, sustainable/ethical fashion, and clean beauty, with the occasional “think” piece sprinkled in that encourages introspection and personal growth—along with giving a platform to brands and founders to share their stories. Devika has built a reputation as a creative in business and has the natural ability to recognize trends across multiple spaces before they “hit.” She is comfortable with uncomfortable conversations and isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo. The goal of The Devi Collective is to encourage others to think critically and live life in a way that will leave the world better than we’ve found it.


We can’t wait to learn from her!

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