Meet This Week’s #WealthEditWednesday Speakers — Lexie and Katrina von Hahn!

May 31, 2022

We hope this finds you rested after a long weekend! We’re excited to introduce to you our #WealthEditWednesday speakers tomorrow—yes, that speakers, plural! We’re thrilled to have on the program both Lexie and Katrina von Hahn, founders of Gallola. Click here to register for tomorrow!


Lexie and Katrina von Hahn are sisters as well as the cofounders of Gallola, a lifestyle brand inspired by their Latin American roots that develops showstoppers for your wardrobe and home with Latin spirit. Their time living in Chile, Argentina, and Mexico left an indelible mark on their sense of style and their eye for design; after years of having their collected treasures from the region complimented by friends in North America and Europe, they decided to create a brand that celebrates the history, culture, and lifestyle of Latin America.


Gallola is a direct-to-consumer, e-commerce brand that will be launching in summer 2022 with original women’s loafers inspired by the timeless Argentine carpincho style and handmade in Mexico. You can learn more about Lexie, Katrina and Gallola at or @gallola.


See you tomorrow, friends!

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