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Founded by Lauren Pearson and Emily Lassiter,  whose combined financial and legal experience spans across several decades, they saw a gap in how the financial industry spoke to women about wealth. 

Not all women are alike, and we celebrate and encourage these differences in our community as some of the threads that bring us together. 

This membership gives you access to Glidepath-centered content, Wealth Edit Wednesday, WealthPods, our Private Slack Channel, Wealth Circles, and so much more. 

The price for this membership is: $74.99/m or $799/yr

We hope you join our amazing community of women! 

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About Us

Wealth Edit Membership

$74.99/m or $799/yr

This is where we hope every woman who is interested in taking the first step towards financial confidence lands within the Wealth Edit. You get access to EVERYTHING that we do at The Wealth Edit - including the two courses listed here.

  • Glidepath-centered content. All women’s financial paths are not the same, but we have found some similarities in our private practice. You can consume our content at your own pace
  • Wealth Edit Wednesday: a members only live interview session with fun females from across the world (yep! Not just the US). If you can’t make a call we also include it in a podcast series and upload the sessions so you can view the video behind the membership wall. 
  • Courses: This is a large portion of the secret sauce behind the Wealth Edit. We spend significant time carefully curating groups of women around interests, content, schedules, etc. No easy task with you busy ladies but worth every minute!
  • Private YouTube Channel: Catch up on courses and content as if you were in the session with topics ranging from bookkeeping, networking, personal finance, balancing career and family, you name it, we are teaching on it. 
  • Office Hours: Lauren & Emily offer office hours weekly where you can schedule time to talk about how you would like to connect through the Wealth Edit. We listen to your individual needs and point you to courses, content, or members who can help you. 
  • Much much more!
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Comeback Theory Course


This is the course you need if you have experienced significant loss. Have you lost a job? Lost a source of income? Lost a spouse? Going through a divorce? While all of these things are different experiences, they have a common thread, and we want to explore what to do during and after a loss. We are so glad you are taking this brave step!

  • Curated content and instructional videos
  • Tips and tricks on how to move forward
  • Dialogue with females who understand loss. 
  • Access to a community built to support this phase of life.
  • Easy to use action plan to build confidence and clarity.
This is not individualized financial advice or a financial plan. 
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Financial Minimalism


This is our signature course for our membership. It is a course designed to help you focus your spending in the most meaningful way to you. It is a longer course, if you do this well you will work on this for several months, and we believe this will be some of the best money you could spend investing in yourself. This is not a budget. You may end up not spending less money, but our hope for you is you spend money on the things that inspire you.

  • Easy to follow courses and videos
  • Help in identifying pockets of money you may not even realize you are spending
  • Proprietary charts and workbooks to amplify your studies
  • A greater awareness around where you are spending money
  • Weekly challenges to help curb "fluff" spending
  • Vision casting for where you should focus your dollars
  • Access to FinMin Slack channel
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