Financial Minimalism

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Welcome to our Inspired Financial Minimalism course. What we hear most from people who come in our office is they want to have a better understanding of where there money goes each month, but they are so busy, tired, or busy and tired to actually do something about it - to create change around their money. 

This course is a great entree into The Wealth Edit, and is the foundational step we believe everyone should take who joins our community.

The price for this course is $199.99.

If you are a member of our community this is part of your membership, and a great place to start. 

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This is a course designed to help you focus your spending in the most meaningful way to you. It is a longer course, if you do this well you will work on this for several months, and we believe this will be some of the best money you could spend investing in yourself.

You will learn what is most important to you, some tips and tricks on how to gain greater awareness over your wealth and where you spend your money, some ideas around where pockets of money are where you may not even realize you are spending, and how to focus your spending in the future so it is the most meaningful for you.

This is not a budget. You may end up not spending less money, but our hope for you is you spend money on the things that inspire you. 

What you'll get:

  • Instructional videos with real life examples. 
  • Step by step instructions and timeframes. 
  • Additional resources like charts and homework. 


[Remember this is not personalized financial advice or a financial plan. The work here will be based on the information you obtain from your own records and can only be monitored by you.]