Welcome to the Friday Five from the Wealth Edit – New Year, New Content, New Membership Format.

Jan 13, 2023

Welcome to the Friday Five, the Five pieces of financial information you need to know going into the weekend.

1. China’s great reopening – pro-business moves and zero covid policies are lifted – what gives and what does it mean? Read this interesting interview with Anne Stevenson-Yang here.

2. Zero spend year – for the past fourteen plus years we have been given signals (think stimulus, stock market growth, low-interest rates, etc) to grow – grow ourselves, our wallet share, our businesses, our portfolios. Now the world is shrinking – what does that mean? It means we are playing by a completely new set of rules, which means we should change. One of the ways we are thinking about this is doing a no spend challenge. You can make the rules what work for you and your family but here is one of our favorite articles about a no spend year: The Ultimate Guide To A No-Buy Year. 

3. Wealth Edit Member Glidepath content unlocked – If you are a member you are now getting customized curated content each week built just for you. It’s not too late to join (link here) and here is the content for each glidepath this week:

Not sure of your glidepath? Take our quiz here.

4. For listeners everywhere: our podcast of the week features Money With Kate: Thinking about high ROI activities with the Morning Brew: Listen here.


5. Chat GPT in ten words or less: VIE: Sticking with the China theme, we want to educate you on how US investors can “own” (we think that term is gracious) Chinese companies. See how our friends at Open AI would describe VIE’s in ten words or less:
You can also see Lauren’s Tiktok explanation here: VIEs explained.
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Happy weekend,
Lauren & Emily
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