“All the Single Ladies” is BACK!

Jan 12, 2022

Did you know that 90 percent of women will be head of household at some point in their lives?


The Wealth Edit offers the course “All the Single Ladies,” taught by cofounder Emily Lassiter, to tackle exactly that – what happens, either by choice or by force, when you become a single income household?


The five-week course begins on January 25 and stresses that, no matter how you got here, it’s what you do with it. Wealth building on a single income, the course teaches, has a unique set of challenges. We at The Wealth Edit are here to help you tackle those and thrive.


We’ll preview more of the course in the days leading up to it, but you’ll learn:

  • Mindset: Accepting your role as head of household – which can be overwhelming and lonely. But you’re not alone – and this course will prove it.
  • How to Become Your Family’s CFO: From making a list of your assets to knowing your team to determining what you spend, we’ll break it all down here.
  • From investments to budgets to so much more – we’re talking about it all.


You’ll notice the artwork we have chosen for this course is that of a tiger. Why, you ask? Because in all financial decisions – but especially as a single woman – we all have to face the tiger. We have to spend some time thinking about what we have before us, submitting to the reality that it is going to be hard, acknowledging it won’t go away overnight, and then, get to it. Face it. Stare the truth of the matter of where you are financially in the eye and lean into it. It’s the only way to tackle your situation and move forward.


The good news is, through this course and through The Wealth Edit, you never have to do it alone!


So, if you are single now or want to be prepared should you ever find yourself a single income household – sign up now.

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