Welcome to the Friday Five, the Five pieces of financial information.

Feb 9, 2023

Welcome to the Friday Five, the Five pieces of financial information you need to know going into the weekend.
1. We all want to protect our children- but too much is actually too much. Read here.
2. Staying on the healthy kid theme this podcast episode from Helen Owens about raising financially healthy children is it. Listen here.
3. Members section: here is your carefully curated content we have hand selected for you this week based on your glidepath. It’s never too late to join us and it’s now extremely economical: ($15/mo or $150/year).
Here is the content for each glidepath this week:
FRAN:  Week 6: Financial Minimalism – How to simplify expense tracking.
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Wealth Edit Popup- Don’t be fooled by the title of his book “This is how your marriage ends.” Matthew has more insight into marriage health than anyone we have ever met. If you have a healthy marriage, you are considering marriage, you know someone who is married, you should tune in. This live members only pop up podcast will be held at 4:00 pm CT on Monday, February 13th. 
4. The race is on…Tough week for Google- they came out with a competitor to chat GPT, but it had a few issues in demo which cost them at one point 100 billion. Read here.
More in Tiktok: Link here.
5. We asked ChatGPT best practices for financially healthy kids:


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Lauren & Emily