Finding Purpose

Feb 24, 2020

For many of our Wealth Edit ladies, you have the means to make a lasting impact.

It seems like often we get into organizations through some sort of ask – through a good friend, a family legacy of giving or impact to an organization, or maybe it was a random walk. Whatever the case may be, it is very important that the organizations you support be aligned with your vision and purpose as an individual.

This past week I had the opportunity to go to a retreat for an organization called Women Doing Well, and the entire focus of the retreat was for women to find their passion for giving. What I realized through this exercise is my highest and best use in an organization is to help others by stirring bravery. It made me feel very “on purpose” with the launch of The Wealth Edit, because just you being here, talking about wealth is brave. Highly highly highly recommend this retreat. It was a privilege.

All the being said, it made me think about the ways I spend time and dollars in our community. When I think of board positions, how great would it have been to know my purpose before accepting the position? Will I be able to be “on purpose” within the organization? Perhaps I need to take a different direction to feel my time is aligned with my purpose within an organization where I feel passionate to serve?

So how do I find my purpose? For me, I took a $9 quiz which had some purpose statements to choose from. As a HEIDI, I am all about things being efficient and I am willing to pay for these efficiencies. If you are feeling this may be the easiest path forward, go to, and they will take you through steps to find your purpose. What I would recommend strongly if you go this route is that you take a snapshot of the last TWO statements, because perhaps your purpose is a blend of the last two options.

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