Top 10 Rules of Healthy Investing

Jan 27, 2022

We’re so excited for our All the Single Ladies course to kick off on Monday! Here’s a small preview of what we’ll learn from the course’s instructor (and The Wealth Edit cofounder!) Emily Lassiter, who is pictured above.


Top 10 Rules of Healthy Investing

  1. Spend less than you earn on a regular basis so you can invest
  2. Invest saving in a strategically allocated diverse portfolio
  3. Read your quarterly statements
  4. Meet with your advisor at least annually to make sure your needs have not changed
  5. Know what fees you are paying
  6. Check your contributions
  7. Check that beneficiaries are correct
  8. Don’t panic when market goes down
  9. Ask questions
  10. Begin talking investments with your friends


Want to unpack this and so much more? Click here to grab a spot on the course’s wait list. We’ll see you Monday!

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