Top ten money books for moms and kids

Mar 30, 2021

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): Link here to find our top picks.

There are ten books that we think would be worth a fun read or gift if you are interested in speaking with your kids about money. My oldest daughter was texting with a friend and they said “who is going to teach me to buy a house?” “Why are we learning about sedimentary rock?” This is a great question and it is up to us moms to teach our kids this information. Thankfully we have some great resources. Of course, we believe the best resource is for you to join The Wealth Edit!

Here is our top ten moms (click images if you want to read more)!

1. Your Money or Your Life. Don’t read this unless you are ready to change the way you think about money. It is THE resource for formative change as you relate to your money. We put it first because we feel it is the most important. We actually walk our members through this book a few times a year.

2. Bitcoin for Kids. This book intrigues us because cryptocurrency is going to be part of our kids worlds and because they are growing up in a digital age, it gives them a unique opportunity to learn about this resource. Perhaps they start here (this is where we will also start):

3. Bitcoin for Adults: Cryptocurrency is something women should know about, because it has emerged during a time where women have just as much access to this space and resource as men, which has not always been the case as financial systems were built.

4. Investing for Kids. The name says it all and this book is for kids around ages 8-12 where at least in my household is when I started receiving a lot of questions from my kids about money – how it works, etc.

5. Single ladies? We’ve got you covered! Okay we think this book is the best deal in this whole set. It’s only $6 and we believe it to be packed with great information for you.

6. What do teenagers like? A challenge. We think this book is special because it not only challenges teenagers to learn about money but it also works on character building and values. It is what you need to know pre-college. A gift you will give your children or special kids in your life forever. The schools aren’t teaching this stuff.

7. Looking for a gift for someone going to college? This is considered the resource for making great financial decisions in college and beyond. Please give this to every girl you know going to college. This is designed as a crash course and we are going to go through this later this year with our membership as well.

8. While on the surface you may not think this title has ANYTHING to do with wealth accumulation, think again. Lydia Fenet (who will be on Wealth Edit Wednesday later in the year) wrote this book on negotiating for yourself, which is one of the most powerful skills a woman can possess in the workplace.

9. Serious about making some life changes when it comes to budgeting? How cute is this budgeting tool from Clever Fox? One of our top principles in our Original Financial Minimalism Course is writing down what you spend. Wouldn’t this make it tons more fun? We promise if you DO write down what you spend for two weeks or more even this budget planner will pay for itself.

10. If you don’t know, now you know. FIRE is a movement (Financial Independence Retire Early) that is somewhat self explanatory. Let me assure you this FIRE rabbit hole on forums like Reddit can go deeper than the Free Britney movement, so best to go with a resource that is organized and linear like this book from Dylan Redling.

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